Did you ever see The Bee Movie? Remember how important bees were to our lives? Well.. sadly they are dying and at record rates. This is not exactly good news. According to Alexandria Zissu " One out of every three mouthfuls of food in the American diet is, in some way, a product of honeybee pollination—from fruit to nuts to coffee beans. And because bees are dying at a rapid rate (42 percent of bee colonies collapsed in the United States alone in 2015), our food supply is at serious risk."

Bee Friendly Yard

One way you can help is by making your yard bee friendly. 

  • Plant a variety of plants that flower at different times so there is always a snack available for the bees. Native plants will attract native bees and exotic plans will attract honeybees. Be aware that some of the pretty flowers that we like to look at are actually sterile and provide to use to the bees. They especially like flowers that are blue, violet, purple, white, and yellow. Plant these colors in clumps about 4 ft in diameter so that they are easy for the bees to find.
  • Make a bee bath. Bees need fresh water but they are not able to land in a bird bath without crashing, they need an island to land on. Take a shallow bowl and fill it with rocks. Fill with water but leave the top of the rock stick out to serve as landing pads. Put this on the base level of your garden and the bees (and even butterflies) will stop by for a drink. 
  • Make your bees a house to provide cover as well as a place for young bees to be raised. You can either make your own bee house or you can buy one from a variety of vendors. 

It is easy to make a big difference, and your yard will look beautiful for it! Help save the bees.