It is officially spring, and you know what that means? Time to get your clean on. Since we all like to hibernate in the winter, the house can get a little.. gross. Grab you mops, your rags, and your kids if you have them, because it is time to get your house guest-ready once again!

Here are a few spring cleaning tips that you might find helpful:

  1. One of the best ways to clean your fridge is with a combination of salt and soda water. The salt adds as abrasive texture to the bubbly water which helps scrub the dirt right off.
  2. It is common to wash the inside of your windows, but don't forget to also wash the outsides. Doing this on a cloudy say will help ensure that the sun doesn't dry the cleaning solution before you have a chance to wipe if off. 
  3. Smell the burn when you turn on your oven? First chip off any burnt pieces that you can and spray ammonia on the stuff that you can't. Then sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the oven and drip on some white vinegar. It will bubble up and then you can wipe it all away.
  4. Organize your closet.  A good rule of thumb is if you haven't worn it in a year, then you don't need it. Swap out your heavy winter sweaters for your fun Spring attire.
  5. Your patio furniture has been out of commission for awhile and will need a goo wipe down. All you need is some warm water and dish soap to get your lounging equipment ready to roll. 

Bonus Tip: Turn cleaning into a game and get your kids to help out.